Revolutionary Open-Source Toolchain Promises to Transform SoC Design - 24-Hour Turnaround and No Loss of Quality for NHIL Designs!
Unlock the Power of Machine Intelligence to Maximize Human Expertise and Optimize Design Processes in 24 Hours or Less!
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About Precision Innovations

Precision Innovations was launched in 2019 to develop and deliver Industrial quality open-source solutions using OpenROAD™ as the foundational application for ASIC and SoC IC design software.
OpenROAD targets an autonomous, No-Human-In-the-Loop design NHIL design with a 24-hour turnaround time and no loss of PPA design quality.
Precision’ solutions enable Rapid Design exploration and RTL-GDSII implementation that reduce design costs, break down barriers to gain expertise, deliver on schedule and tool access that currently prevent designers from innovating and implementing at full potential.
Precision closes these critical gaps by developing and supporting closed-tool extensions to OpenROAD that enable differentiated features, flows and PDKS across the technology spectrum including advance nodes for commercial users and ecosystem partners. 


To accelerate semiconductor innovation by advancing open-source chip design

Our Team

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Tom Spyrou


Matt Liberty

V.P. Engineering

Indira Iyer

Head - Customer Success

Advisory Team

Andrew Kahng

Andrew B. Kahng

Tom Feist

Tom Feist


Engineering Team

Harsh Vardhan

Harsh Vardhan

Distinguished Engineer
Vitor Bandeira

Vitor Bandeira

Cloud and DevOps Architect

Tom Spyrou is the CEO of Precision Innovations Inc and is the chief architect and technical program manager for the OpenROAD™ system. Tom is a well-known EDA system architect. He was most recently a Senior Principal Engineer in Intel’s Programmable Solutions business unit working on the Quartus FPGA compiler.

Tom has worked for over 30 years as an EDA Technologist and has gained extensive experience in areas including Static Timing Analysis, Logic Synthesis, Power Grid Analysis, Database Technology and Floor-planning.

He has led the development of leading-edge commercial engines and products such as PrimeTime, Voltage Storm, First Encounter, and the Open Access Database.

Tom has been driving EDA algorithms to utilize parallel programming approaches with both multi-process and multi-threaded techniques. He has a BS from Carnegie Mellon University in ECE and an MS from Santa Clara University.


Matt Liberty is a senior developer with the OpenROAD™ project and Vice President of engineering for Precision Innovations. He has worked at Intel, Altera, Cadence, Synopsys, and various EDA startups.

Matt has nearly thirty years of experience in EDA. Areas of expertise include static timing, noise analysis, RC parasitic extraction, databases, routing, GUIs, FPGAs, and software system architecture. Matt has a BSEE from University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Indira Iyer is an EDA expert and industry consultant at Precision Innovations. She is a core team member of the OpenROAD™ project. Her role at Precision Innovations, which is the key technology partner to OpenROAD™, is to grow and expand customer engagements and outreach through key technical and strategic business development.

Indira has over 25 years of global experience as a technology and business leader in the EDA, semiconductor, and energy industry. She has successfully led key roles in Product and Application engineering, Product Marketing and Sales creating and managing products for ASIC/SoC digital and analog/mixed signal design flows.

She performed leadership roles at major EDA companies: Siemens/EDA, Metasoftware Inc, Cadence Design systems and design startups like Magma Design Automation, Monterey Design and Synfora Inc.

Andrew Kahng

Andrew B. Kahng is Distinguished Professor of CSE and ECE and holder of the endowed chair in high-performance computing at UC San Diego. He was visiting scientist at Cadence (1995-97) and founder/CTO at Blaze DFM (2004-06). 

He is coauthor of 3 books and over 500 journal and conference papers, holds 35 issued U.S. patents, is a fellow of ACM and IEEE, and the 2019 Ho-Am Prize laureate in Engineering.  He has served as general chair of DAC, ISPD and other conferences, and from 2000-2016 as international chair/co-chair of the ITRS Design and System Drivers working groups.

He is currently PI of “OpenROAD™”, a $17M U.S. DARPA project targeting open-source, autonomous (“no human in the loop”) tools for IC implementation.

He also serves as PI and director of TILOS, an NSF AI Research Institute that began operations in November 2021.  Some recent talks can be seen at his lab homepage:

Tom Feist

Tom Feist has thirty-eight years’ experience in sales, strategic marketing and business development in Cybersecurity, Electronic Design Automation and Semiconductor industries.

Prior to starting 1st2Market Consulting LLC, he was a Senior Director of Marketing at Xilinx Inc. responsible for Design Tools, Methodology, Intellectual Property (IP) and boards and kits used by over 100K systems, hardware and software engineers worldwide.

Before this Feist was the VP of Marketing and Sales at AccelChip Inc. At Mentor Graphics, Inc., he was Group Director of Product Marketing, responsible for Mentor’s synthesis technologies and as Vice President of Marketing for Exemplar Logic. Prior he has served as a Product Marketing Manager, Technical Marketing Engineer, Account Manager, and Senior Field Application Engineer in the EDA industry.

Harsh Vardhan

Harsh Vardhan brings a background that spans custom tools for processor designs, timing, pre/post route timing optimization, library characterization, system software for large emulation systems and most recently system architecture and machine learning for robotic systems for logistics.

Vitor Bandeira

Vitor Bandeira’s responsibilities include developing and maintaining cloud and local infrastructure to ensure performance, scalability, and security.

This also includes implementing DevOps practices to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. A key aspect of this role is maintaining the Google Cloud infrastructure and CI/CD systems to deliver a fast developing open-source EDA project.

Vitor also contributes to several tool features and documentation.