Innovating chip design
To accelerate innovation and advance open source IC design solutions
A key industrial developer of IC design tools and services for OpenROAD

What Problem Are We Solving?

The Semiconductor Design Crisis


OpenROAD breaks down the barriers of cost, expertise and unpredictability that currently block chip creators and innovators.

We build silicon-ready tools and flows using OpenROAD for industry and academia


To accelerate semiconductor innovation by advancing open-source chip design

Fostering Innovation at Scale

Accelerating Innovation and Expertise for IC Design

Complete, low cost IC Design Solutions tools, flows and PDKs

Support for commercial and ecosystem partners to enrich the IC design ecosystem

Unique Value Proposition


Unlock the Power of Advanced Technologies

Precision Innovations is democratising the hardware design landscape by tackling the obstacles of cost, expertise and uncertainty (i.e., risk) that have prevented successful designs in advanced technologies. Through this endeavour, we are democratising the hardware design process, making it accessible to a much wider range of individuals and organisations.

We are a team of experienced EDA and semiconductor tool, flow and business experts with a passion to innovate and deliver enhanced design productivity and know-how through Open-source EDA solutions.

 The key industrial developer and support provider for OpenROAD 


Tom Spyrou is the CEO of Precision Innovations Inc and is the chief architect and technical program manager for the OpenROAD™ system. Tom is a well-known EDA system architect. He was most recently a Senior Principal Engineer in Intel’s Programmable Solutions business unit working on the Quartus FPGA compiler.

Tom has worked for over 30 years as an EDA Technologist and has gained extensive experience in areas including Static Timing Analysis, Logic Synthesis, Power Grid Analysis, Database Technology and Floor-planning.

He has led the development of leading-edge commercial engines and products such as PrimeTime, Voltage Storm, First Encounter, and the Open Access Database.

Tom has been driving EDA algorithms to utilize parallel programming approaches with both multi-process and multi-threaded techniques. He has a BS from Carnegie Mellon University in ECE and an MS from Santa Clara University.